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02/08/2014 | 19:00     02/08/2014 | 19:00
Tarifa | Banti
Good stuff anniversary Banti Party
Since one year already the best DJ's are present in the Banti in Tarifa - a good reason to celebrate this. On Saturday, 2nd of August will be celebrated the 1st anniversary of "Good... Find out more
23/08/2014 | 23:00     23/08/2014 | 23:00
Tarifa | Kubbeck Club
Nightlife: Events Tarifa: august 2014: Foam Party
Great Foam Party in the Kubbeck Club in Tarifa: Saturday night, 23 of August, 2014 will be one of those crazy nights at the famous "Kubbeck" Club. A foam party that lasts all night... Find out more
22/08/2014 | 23:00     22/08/2014 | 23:00
Tarifa | Kubbeck Club
Club Kubbeck: Pink Panter Party
Friday night - What's better then a great party in the Kubbeck Club? Get into the Pink Panther Party! and enjoy the resident DJ's Randy García and DJ Santos - from evening 'til... Find out more
30/08/2014 | 23:00     30/08/2014 | 23:00
Tarifa | Discoteca La Santa
Closing Party in the La Santa Club
Closing Party in the La Santa Club. On saturday, 30th of August 2014 will take place the closing party of one of the biggest clubs in Tarifa - La Santa. Until next summer this will be the last... Find out more
27/09/2014 | 20:00     27/09/2014 | 20:00
Tarifa | Hotel Banti
Vinylparty in the Banti Club
Vinalparty in the Banti Hotel: On September 27, 2014 will take place another Vinalparty in this nice place on the outskirts of Tarifa. Enjoy classics on vinyl from 19998 to 2008! If you like the... Find out more
26/09/2014 | 22:00     26/09/2014 | 22:00
Tarifa | Mombassa Tarifa
Party in the Mombassa Club
Although August has passed - in Tarifa contiues the summer! Every Friday and Saturday open its doors the Mombassa Club for party like in August! Come and enjoy the summer feeling in this Tarifa... Find out more